An Expanding Atlas of Subjectivity

4 Apr - 2 May 2012
More than 800 drawings created using an iPhone as a sketchbook will be displayed in a new exhibition by internationally acclaimed artist Simon Faithfull

The exhibition is the first in a programme of exhibitions and events supported by Phoenix’s ‘National Portfolio Organisation’ funding from Arts Council England.

From the streets of East London to the remote landscapes of Antarctica, the sketches provide a personal atlas of the world created by Faithfull over the past ten years; capturing a record of his presence in particular places, at particular moments, somewhere on the surface of the planet.

People can also view Faithfull’s work using his iPhone app – Limbo – on his website and via Twitter and Facebook, all of which present new sketches the moment they are made, and enable users to explore the artist’s work and travels.

Simon Faithfull lives and works in London and Berlin. He travelled to Antarctica with the British Antarctic Survey, sent a chair into space with a live video feed, and recently completed a major public art commission for the city of Liverpool.

He has exhibited widely including at the BFI and Chisenhale galleries in London, and the CCA in Glasgow. His work has also been shown in New York, Paris, Spain, Berlin and Switzerland.

Limbo can be viewed at and downloaded at the Apple App Store.

Curated by Phoenix and the Interact Gallery

Limbo is part of an ongoing series of  web- based artworks commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella. The project is supported by Leicestershire based website and app developers Cuttlefish and ArtSway.