Antonio Roberts

Antonio Roberts – Curating the Machine

Thu 10 May, 6.30pm
Artist and curator Antonio Roberts will talk about his research into the effect AI and automation is having on the role of curation in the arts.

During 2017, as part of his fellowship at Near Now at Broadway, artist and curator Antonio Roberts conducted research into the affect AI and automation is having on the role of curation in the arts.

In this presentation Antonio will present his research, which asks questions about the specific roles of curators and whether an AI can be used to fully automate an exhibition. This will culminate in a proposal for a Curator AI that he aims to develop in the near future.

More about the artist:
Antonio Roberts is a new media artist and curator based in Birmingham, UK. He uses technology-driven processes to explore issues surrounding open source software and free culture. His visual and performance work has been featured at galleries and festivals including in Arles, France (2012), Glitch Moment/ums at Furtherfield Gallery, London (2013), Loud Tate: Code at Tate Britain (2014), glitChicago at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art in Chicago, US (2014), Permission Taken at Birmingham Open Media and University of Birmingham (2015-2016), Common Property at Jerwood Visual Arts, London (2016), Green Man Festival, Wales (2017) and Barbican, London (2018).

Antonio has curated exhibitions and projects including GLI.TC/H Birmingham (2011), the Birmingham editions of Bring Your Own Beamer (2012, 2013), µChip 3 (2015), Stealth (2015), and No Copyright Infringement Intended (2017).

He is curator at Vivid Projects, Near Now Fellow, and is part of the Advisory Group for New Art West Midlands.