A blue face appears in the centre of a lighter blue surface, with multi-coloured hands pointing in at it

A Bang, A Bomb, A Lie And A Band That Stands For Something Else

25 Oct 2018

We were delighted to present the premiere screening of A Bang, A Bomb, A Lie And A Band That Stands for Something Else – an experimental music video by Beth Kettel, commissioned by Phoenix and the ICA for the Art and Screen Network.

Featuring collaborations with Leicester based musicians, vocalists and dancers; the video is made up of music tracks based on genres found in and around the city’s Cultural Quarter past and present.

The tracks have been produced by Kettel in collaboration with Tom Rose and are used as material, mingling diverse styles together, connected by isolated stems such as claps, hi-hat and backing vocal.

The video includes an experimental text made up of a mixture of Leicester slang, fragments of stories and references to the visuals – bringing objects, pattern and gesture together to form non-linear narratives through costume, lyrics and dance.

Beth Kettel (b. 1988 Leicestershire, lives and works in Nottingham and London) has recently presented solo exhibitions at Zabludowicz Collection; Eastside Projects, Birmingham (2016); Two Queens, Leicester (2016); Telfer Gallery, Glasgow (2015).


Musicians: AsherXJafro | Andy Jenkinson | Tom Rose | Starboy SunSun
Dancers: Satya-Sara Khachik | Danni Spooner | Scarlett Turner
Face & hand performers: Alice Kettel | Beth Kettel | Danni Spooner | Scarlett Turner
Filming: Reece Straw | Beth Kettel
Sound Studio: HQ recording studio, Leicester

Below you can view an excerpt from A Bang, A Bomb, A Lie And A Band That Stands for Something Else and a selection of stills from the video.

A blue and orange hand holding a cigarette against a black backdrop Smoke rises from a bundle of audio tape Performers in blue and orange outfits dance against a backdrop of rectangular shapes, which feature hands and faces A collection of objects including a bundle of audio tape, a face, a blue sponge and a plastic bag, set against a black backdrop