Ink drawing of several tiny people sat in a circle between dandelions

Careful Networks

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Careful Networks is an online exhibition exploring more ethical and sustainable ways of creating and sharing art on the internet.

Our Careful Networks project launched in 2021 in partnership with BOM, Furtherfield, The Photographers’ Gallery, QUAD and Vivid Projects, creating an online exhibition to explore alternative web protocols and careful networking on a peer to peer network (P2P).

The aim of the project is to encourage more people to explore P2P networks and spark discussions around the ethics of making and showing work online, as well as exploring more sustainable web practices.

As part of Careful Networks, 14 artists have been finding engaging new ways to create digital artwork suitable to the P2P format. File sizes have been limited to encourage the artists to think differently about their work and how they make and share it. Each artwork is hosted by another artist and the network exists through a collaborative act of care and stewardship.

The first Careful Networks exhibition launched on a temporary P2P network in October 2021, before being archived and available on regular web browsers during Leicester Art Week.

To find out more about Careful Networks and visit the online exhibition, go to the Careful Networks project website

Image credit: Drawing for Decentralized Networks Workshop for WYFY School, in partnership with BUFU, image courtesy of Taeyoon Choi.