A pattern of bright fragmented colours caused by polarised light

Creative Kits – Light Mosaics

Free to families in Leicester & Leicestershire
Make amazing ‘do-it-yourself’ film and art projects at home with our free Creative Kits for children and families.

Due to a high level of demand our Creative Kits are currently sold out. We’ll update this page when more kits become available.

Phoenix Creative Kits provide all the materials and inspiration you’ll need to create film and art projects at home.

Our new kit looks at ‘polarised light’ – which is commonly used in computer screens and 3D glasses – showing how you can use it to make amazing ‘light mosaics’ and colourful DIY kaleidoscopes.

Each kit includes full instructions on how to complete the activities.

What’s in the box?

  • Templates, materials and instructions to make your own ‘polarised’ glasses
  • Materials and a guide to making a ‘light mosaic’, plus a brief exploration of the science that makes it work
  • More instructions and materials to make your own DIY ‘Kaleidoscope’ project

These activities are best for ages 8+ but younger children can enjoy them with the help of an adult, and the projects are perfect for families to complete together.

Our Creative Kits have been designed to introduce you to the world of film and digital art through hands-on making and creativity. The projects can all be put together with just a few basic crafting tools and household materials.

Please note – you won’t need to use a computer to complete these activities, but you will need access to a computer, phone or tablet screen to use as a backdrop to make the polarised effects work