Art exhibition

Layla Curtis – Antipodes

18 Oct – 21 Dec 2013
Live webcams feeding images from opposite ends of the globe are the subject of this stunning new exhibition - part of Layla Curtis’s ongoing interactive online artwork Antipodes.

Land is antipodal to land on only four per cent of the earth’s surface, but these distant twins offer rich ground for fascinating parallels and similarities.

As far away from each other as it is possible to be, their day-for-night, summer/winter contrasts are palpable, often extreme, frequently possessing surprising affinities.

The exhibition will feature an installation of live webcam feeds, alongside animations distilled from the streams of webcam footage recorded on the Antipodes website.

Highlighting both the distance and the difference between us, Antipodes reminds us how technology is bringing us closer together.

Phoenix is supporting the ongoing development of Antipodes by Layla Curtis, commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella in association with Spacex. Technical support by Cuttlefish. Supported by Arts Council England.

Art exhibition Art exhibition art exhibition Art exhibition