Splinter by Esther Rolinson

Melt, Splinter and Thread

23 Oct 2014 – 7 Jan 2015
Melt, Splinter and Thread are three new animated sculptural light works by Esther Rolinson.

Melt, Splinter and Thread are three new animated sculptural  light works by artist Esther Rolinson made from acrylic, fibre optics and programmed LEDs.

Developed through drawing and model making, the installations are evocative of disintegrating structures and create unfolding vistas of landscapes in motion.  Splinter and Thread will be exhibited until early December, followed by Melt until 5 January.

Rolinson makes complex animated forms and drawings in public spaces and galleries that draw the audience into a close physical world, conjuring imagined energetic events.

Funded by Arts Council England, supported by De Montfort University and sponsored by Heritage Acrylic.  Rolinson was assisted by Sean Clark, Dave Everitt, Luke Woodbury and Graeme Stuart in the development of this work.

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The images below show Melt (top four images) and Splinter & Thread (bottom four images). Photography coutesy of Stephen Lynch


Melt, Esther Rolinson, exhibition
Splinter & Thread