Miriam Beam Four

Miriam Bean – Four

Sat 30 Jun - Sun 15 Jul
Selected from an Open Call for emerging artists based in the East Midlands, Leicester-based artist Miriam Bean presents Four, a series of sound-based works derived from a dissonant string composition.

A pure tone arrangement of the piece occupies all four corners of the gallery, whilst an interactive installation created using conductive paint both disrupts and augments the surroundings.

Despite using old and new technologies in conjunction with an indeterminate performance by violin, viola, cello and double bass on the opening night, each work shares the same foundation of tones – regardless of media, the works are a translation of the original composition.

Through this exchange, viewers can see how the audio and visual data are not so dissimilar in the ways they can be shaped, and listeners can hear how harmony and cacophony are not so easily defined.

Artist Miriam Bean (b. 1993) is a Leicester based artist who studied at the University of Lincoln.

Working with sound as both a medium and a subject, her research into sound perception ranges from physiology to musicology, seeking to understand how the brain interprets some sounds as jarring noise and others as expressive, concordant music.