Pixel Pyros by Seb Lee Delisle

Pixel Pyros

Sun 17 Nov 2013
PixelPyros is a virtual pyrotechnics display mounted onto a massive 60-foot wide screen using state-of-the-art projectors and lasers. Part of Light the Night 2013

Pixel Pyros is a digital fireworks display that you control! Touch the bright orbs of light to fire an array of gorgeous multi-coloured rockets onto the screen above. These digital fireworks are more than just your typical show, you are fully in control of the experience, using your judgement and creativity to decide which fireworks are triggered and when. Each show is uniquely choreographed by the crowd. No two performances are exactly alike.

Part of Light the Night 2013, you can see the story of the event here. PixelPyros is built on the open source C++ code framework openFrameworks and the code-base for the project will be released and free for anyone to use on github. Funded by the Arts Council England, PixelPyros is designed and programmed by digital artist Seb Lee-Delisle and his team, projectors and lasers provided by LM Productions.