Figures float on Lotus Leaves in a forrest. Ritual

Ritual: Artists’ film and video from SE Asia

Wed 6 Dec, 6.30pm

Ritual presents recent work by artist filmmakers from Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia, giving a brief glimpse into moving image practices from SE Asia.

From Shireen Seno’s humour to Taiki Sakpisit’s darkness, through the metaphors of Au Sow Yee’s folk stories, Ritual explores our emotional inner world and life’s illusions.

As the first UK-touring programme dedicated to SE Asian moving image arts, this programme includes Krisna Murti, who is the pioneer of video art in the region, and rising filmmaking talent from several SE Asian countries, including: Au Sow Yee, Shireen Seno, Phạm Ngọc Lân and Taiki Sakpisit.

Curated by Moritz Cheung for videoclub.

Screening Programme

The Story of Ones, Phạm Ngọc Lân (Vietnam), 2011, 10 mins
A Ripe Volcano, Taiki Sakpisit (Thailand), 2011, 15 mins
Paradise Under Construction, Krisna Murti (Indonesia), 2014, 4 mins
Sang Kancil, Hang Tuah, Raja Bersiong, Bomoh, the Missing Jet and Others, Au Sow Yee (Malaysia), 2015, 18 mins
Shotgun Tuding, Shireen Seno (Philippines), 2014, 16 mins