Water Light Graffiti

Spark 2015

26 - 29 May 2015
Immerse yourself in amazing interactive experiences at Phoenix for The Spark Festival 2015.

We have a host of activities for all ages, from family films to short workshops, giving children the chance to engage, learn, play and create with some of the latest – and coolest! – digital technology around.

Antonin Fourneau, French digital artist extraordinaire, brings his unique interactive artwork Water Light Graffiti to Phoenix and invites you to create your own original ‘light art’.

Antonin has developed a remarkable smart surface from thousands of tiny lights that illuminate on contact with water, so you can draw in light simply using a wet paintbrush, water spray, or even your finger… and the wetter it is, the brighter the image.

Write, draw or just go for an abstract splash that looks like fireworks – Water Light Graffiti enables anyone to create magical, ephemeral lightworks, whatever their age. There’ll also be lots of fun free activities taking place around Phoenix to fire up the imagination – including City Threads by Codasign, an artwork you can help build that blends sounds and interactive textiles (from Wed – Fri) and Diablillo Quitapenas, an interactive installation inspired by MeYou&Us and Tomo inspired by ‘Worry Dolls’ carried by South American children.

Open 11am – 4pm. FREE – no need to book, just turn up.