19 Nov - 4 Dec 2012
Symbiotic is an exhibition where the artworks interact with each other, as well as their visitors.

The artworks, by Genetic Moo and Sean Clark, communicate through colour and sound, working together to form a complex whole that actively responds to the presence of people and changes in the gallery environment. When you enter the gallery you become part of the artworks, helping them grow and creating new, symbiotic relationships.

Symbiotic is an experiment in interconnectedness.

London-based art group Genetic Moo (Nicola Schauerman and Tim Pickup) and Leicester digital artist Sean Clark have created a collection of digital artworks designed to interact with each other as well as their human visitors.When you enter the Cube Gallery you will become part of a Digital Art Ecology in which colours and sounds are passed between the artworks in response to your movements and interactions. Each artwork is able to operate independently, but new patterns emerge when they are shown together.

As you explore the Symbiotic exhibition questions are posed about how the artworks communicate. What are they saying? Who are they talking to? How are they connected? Can you help them create new relationships with each other? What happens when you leave the room?

Digital Art Ecologies are a new way of curating and exhibiting interactive digital artworks. Rather than seeing a collection of artworks as individual pieces – with no relationships or connections to each other – opportunities for interaction between them are sought out and encouraged.

Like ecologies of living systems the relationships between the parts can take many forms, but the most sustainable are those which are mutually beneficial, or in some ways ‘symbiotic’.