The Cutting Room Presents

6 - 23 October 2011
The Cutting Room present David Blandy's "Barefoot Lone Pilgrim, Issue 1+2 : Origins" and Hetain Patel’s new film ‘Kanku Raga' an exciting mix of reality and fantasy in the cube gallery

David Blandy
Seeking enlightenment in kung fu movies and anime as The Barefoot Lone Pilgrim (2004-08), Blandy is searching for his own cultural position in the world. From using these humorous tales he asks just how much the idea of the Western ‘self’ is formed by its immersion in the world of records, films and television.
David Blandy lives and works in Brighton, and has exhibited at venues such as The Baltic, Gateshead The Bluecoat as part of the 2008 Liverpool Biennial, Platform China Project Space, Beijing. His work is distributed by LUX, and is represented by Seventeen Gallery, London.

Hetain Patel
Kanku Raga is a seven minute video piece. Here I have assigned each stroke from the tabla drum language to a different movement of marking or erasing Kanku pigment from the body. The result is a dissected rhythm presented visually and audibly. Performing each part myself I am interested in the idea of instilling cultural rhythm physically within the body through repetition. The symbolic use of the Kanku pigment is a development from earlier work interrogating the identity of the visual body. I mark myself not on the forehead but instead emblazon the rich red colour more overtly across my chest. Here I mark myself repeatedly and with purpose. Though the mark making takes place within Indian time and with Indian pigment, the trace that remains is the English St George’s cross. As with all my works this is not intended as a statement but rather a question.”

Hetain Patel lives and works in Nottingham and has exhibited at venues such as Bodhi Art, New York, All Our Tomorrows in Luneburg, Germany and Young British Art in Cieszyn, Poland, he was represented in the U.K in the BJCEM International Art Biennale in Bari, Italy and showed at TEN, Sydney Festival last year.

The Cutting Room is a curatorial organisation initiated by Nottingham based filmmakers Clare Harris and Jennifer Ross, producing events to engage new audiences and to inspire them with the intention of exploring social realities and communication through digital new media, film and performance.