Tom Betts – AvSeq

8 Apr - 24 May 2010
AvSeq by Tom Betts is an interactive installation that takes the form of an abstract computer game

The player must capture and link sound objects together into a sequence of ‘atomic’ chains. When released, these structures detonate, activating changes in the audio-visual output of the game.

The gaming environment responds dynamically to the developing audio track, producing flowing patterns and abstract forms. In this exchange, complex patterns are rewarded with access to more detailed stages, or ‘levels’, and enhanced audio effects. There is no endpoint, just an evolving structure of light and sound, which without user input will inevitably decay back into empty silence.

Tom Betts is an artist, programmer, composer and performer based in West Yorkshire. He is amongst the most prolific and versatile artists practising in the field of digital and interactive media, specialising in generative programming techniques; his creative output includes interactive music games, computer game modifications, installations, software, live music performances and musical composition.

A desktop version of AvSeq can be downloaded for a small fee from Steam