dirty electonics, art, digital, performance

Yet More Wounded Furniture

Thu 11 Dec / 9pm
The world renowned Dirty Electronics Ensemble present an evening of musical non-events and curios, where the subversive and the ridiculous collide with electronic sound and the technological unknown.

There’ll be unique interpretations and realisations of a number of classic Fluxus pieces by Dick Higgins, Alison Knowles and Yoko Ono – featuring special guest Nicholas Bullen, founder of the group Napalm Death. The programme also includes works by Bullen, the Beast and Speaker Dragging by Neal Spowage, a Surrealist DJ set from Two Left Ears, and performances of Alison Knowles’ Nivea Cream and Milan Knizak Snowstorm no.1, with Fluxus films running throughout the evening.