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Sat 16 Nov, 11am

"★★★★ – Judy sweetly innocent as the up-and-coming country girl" – Empire

"★★★★★ – the one opportunity to enjoy the talents of Astaire and Garland on screen together" – Radio Times

When Don Hewes' dance partner abandons him in order to pursue her own romantic and professional interests, the Broadway idol braggingly makes a bet that he can make any chorus girl into a star. The girl he chooses – almost at random – is Hannah Brown.

After trying unsuccessfully to turn Hannah into a version of his previous partner, Don comes to recognise Hannah’s unique talents and the pair embark on a new career together.

Though Garland and Astaire are undoubtedly a wonderful pairing, it was in fact Gene Kelly who was the original choice for male lead – but he broke his ankle the weekend before shooting was due to start and Astaire stepped (or perhaps we should say danced!) into the breach.

Dir: Charles Walters

Cast: Judy Garland, Fred Astaire

USA 1948, 99mins

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