A Love Song PG

Fri 30 Dec – Thu 5 Jan
★★★★ – Eye for Film

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Director: Max Walker-Silverman

Cast: Dale Dickey, Wes Studi

Year: 2022

Duration: 81 mins

Certificate: PG

★★★★ – Eye for Film

★★★★ – The Upcoming

Camping at an idyllic location in Colorado, Faye (Dickey) awaits the arrival of Lito (Studi), a childhood sweetheart she hasn’t seen in decades. The two, both now widowed, spend a night in the mountains – sharing memories, and sheltering together from loneliness.

Max Walker-Silverman’s feature directorial debut shines a spotlight on the leading duo, both gloriously tender in this compassionate take on the communion between inner strength and the need for connection.

A Love Song is purposefully minimalist; there are no grand gestures or proclamations of love – it quietly celebrates the power of reaching out to an old friend, to share troubles and take comfort in their company.