Apittame Watches: Rye Lane 12A

Sun 26 Mar, 5.15pm

Pay What You Can

£0 - £10

Director: Raine Allen Miller

Cast: David Jonsson, George Taylor, Vivian Oparah

Year: 2022

Duration: 105 mins

Certificate: 12A

"★★★★★ – heralds a new generation of enchanting British romcoms" – Daily Telegraph

"a bright, euphoric south London romcom" – New Statesman

"mashes up Before Sunrise and Richard Curtis to charming effect" – IndieWire

A vibrant and bold first feature from director Raine Allen Miller is a magnetic gambol through the streets of south London, as two newly single twenty-somethings have a chance meeting and spend the day opening up and working through the uncomfortable truths about their past relationships.

Relative newcomers Vivian Oparah (Class) and David Jonsson (Industry) are inviting and refreshingly natural as the outgoing Yas and heartbroken Dom, bringing the innocence and hopefulness of this upbeat story to life.

In partnership with Apittame Arts, this screening will feature a poetry performance before the screening and opportunity for discussion in the cafe bar after the film.

Poets featured include: Kamisha, Carol Leeming, Valeria Walbrook, Sandra Pollock and Carolyn Turner.

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