Brand Bollywood… Down Under 18

Fri 10 May, 5pm



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Director: Anupam Sharma

Year: 2023

Duration: 94 mins

Certificate: 18

The UK premiere of this new documentary, Brand Bollywood is the story of the ‘Bollywood-isation’ and globalisation of Indian popular cinema, from 1897 to 2023.

In the 1990s, the outrageous, colourful, and musical Bollywood with its umbrella boys and star entourages arrived in iconic locations around the world.

More than just new entertainment, Bollywood brought with it tremendous money, and quickly become a darling of the tourism, trade, and educational bodies thanks to the considerable export dollars for Western countries eager to tap into a booming consumer market in India.

Narrated through the voice of Bollywood, this documentary will examine her journey, the magic, the dark side, and how this unique, often misunderstood genre found its way into the hearts of billions.