Is There Anybody Out There? 12A

Mon 29 – Tue 30 Jan



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U25 & Students


Under 18


Disabled or Unwaged


Director: Ella Glendining

Year: 2023

Duration: 90 mins

Certificate: 12A

"★★★★ – how to keep calm and deal with ableism" – Guardian

★★★★ – Sunday Times

★★★★ – Arts Desk

Filmmaker Ella Glendining sets out on a quest to find somebody else in the world with a body like hers.

She was born without hip joints and short femurs, a rare condition that she had never encountered in anyone but herself.

Throughout her search, her tenacity and unapologetic commitment to love herself highlight that the issues she faces are not with her disability, but from the ableist attitudes of the world around us.