Marcel the Shell with Shoes On PG

Fri 8 Sep, 11.15am | Free screening



Director: Dean Fleischer-Camp

Cast: Jenny Slate, Dean Fleischer-Camp, Isabella Rossellini

Year: 2021

Duration: 90 mins

Certificate: PG

Leicester people, are you free at 11.15am on Friday 8th September? Well get down to Phoenix for a free screening of Marcel the Shell with Shoes on!

Slight catch - we have to test the fire alarm and run a full evacuation at somepoint during the screening. But we will pick up right where we left off so you get to see the whole film, and our lovely staff are so darn efficient we should have you back in the screen in no time.

★★★★ – Flickering Myth

"★★★★ – a real treasure" – Eye for Film

"Heartfelt and wonderful... The cinematic equivalent of a hug" – The Wrap

Marcel is a charming one-inch tall shell who lives with his grandmother. After a mysterious tragedy wipes out their shell community, the two are left wondering about their long lost family.

When a filmmaker posts a short film about them online, gaining Marcel millions of adoring fans, the wonderful possibility of being reunited presents itself.

A cute, uplifting mockumentary that blends live action with stop-motion animation to great effect.