Matt Rogerson: Live Performance 18+

Fri 30 Jun, 5pm | FREE
This live performance by Leicester-based sound artist and performer Matt Rogerson leverages his own neurodivergence in a transgressive application of 'neurofeedback', using EEG to evoke and challenge the socio-economic constructs that disempower members of the disabled community.



Duration: 60 mins

Certificate: 18+

Matt Rogerson is a neurodivergent sound artist and performer based in Leicester. The essence of this live performance is a transgressive application of 'neurofeedback' – a process in which cognitive and emotional functioning is regulated via the use of EEG to harness brainwaves and generate external audio and/or visual stimuli, which consecutively modulate brainwave patterns to achieve desired, often placatory, results in a feedback loop.

The transgressive nature of Matt’s performance derives from the re-conceptualisation of neurofeedback as a means to generate negative cognitive consequences, leveraging his neurodivergence to evoke and challenge the systemically debilitating socio-economic constructs that disempower members of the autistic and wider disabled community.

Free event in our gallery; booking required.