Starship Troopers 18

Fri 18 Aug, 10pm | Tickets £4 (+60p admin fee for non-members)

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Director: Paul Verhoeven

Cast: Casper Van Dien, Denise Richards, Dina Meyer

Year: 1997

Duration: 124 mins

Certificate: 18

Verhoeven’s glorious cult satire of propaganda and militarism is a hilarious, action-filled send up. Were the actors in on the joke? Maybe not, but boy do they give it their all as young recruits joining the intergalactic fight against The Bugs - a race of insectoid creatures.

The great supporting cast includes Clancy Brown as the recruits' psychotic training officer and Michael Ironside as a larger-than-life gung-ho general.

All tickets £4 (+60p admin fee for non-members).

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