The Oil Machine + Discussion PG

Fri 3 Feb, 7pm | Pay What You Can

Pay What You Can

£0 - £10

Director: Emma Davie

Year: 2022

Duration: 82 mins

Certificate: PG

In order to make this screening as accessible as possible, you can choose what to pay based on your circumstances. We don't ask for any proof or ID, we just ask that you're honest. See below image for price bracket breakdown.

The screening will be followed by a public Q&A hosted by Climate Action Leicester and Leicestershire.

This new documentary reveals the hidden infrastructure of oil from the offshore rigs and the buried pipelines to its flow through the stock markets of London. As the North Sea industry struggles to meet the need to cut carbon emissions, oil workers see their livelihoods under threat, and investors seek to protect their assets. Meanwhile a younger generation of climate activists are catalysed by the signs of impending chaos, and the very real threat of global sea level rises.

Bringing together a wide range of voices from oil company executives, economists, young activists, workers, scientists, and pension fund managers The Oil Machine explores the complexities of transitioning away from oil and gas as a society and considers how quickly we can do it.

The Oil Machine is screened thanks to a collaboration between Climate Action Leicester and Leicestershire and Phoenix.

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