The Warriors 15

Fri 23 Feb, 10pm | Tickets £5 (+£1 admin fee for non-members)

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Director: Walter Hill

Cast: James Remar, Michael Beck

Year: 1979

Duration: 92 mins

Certificate: 15

Screening to mark its 45th anniversary, Walter Hill’s 1979 movie has transcended the tag of cult film to become a beloved cultural landmark.

After a huge multi-gang meeting in New York ends in murder, Coney Island gang The Warriors find themselves framed for the crime.

Now the Warriors must bop their way back home through all the armies of the night; relying on their wits, their fists and each other - to get home to the big C.I.

This screening will have no ads or trailers and will start promptly at 10pm. Late Night Friday tickets £5 (+£1 admin fee for non-members).