The Works of David Lynch 18

Sat 17 Dec, 11.30am – 5pm | SOLD OUT
Back by popular demand, this one-day course led by tutor Dr Connor Winterton offers a critical insight to Lynch's works for both Lynch fans, and those less familiar with his filmography.

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Duration: 330 mins

Certificate: 18

David Lynch is one of the most influential and celebrated filmmakers of all time. His works have continually challenged, puzzled, and excited audiences, from the bizarre Eraserhead to Mulholland Drive, the “greatest film of the 21st century” (BBC Culture, 2019).

This one-day course will examine Lynch’s works from the late 1970s to now via several different frameworks: style, ideology, postmodernism, genre, narrative, duality, and feminist theory. The course will offer a critical insight to Lynch’s works for both Lynch fans and for those unfamiliar with his filmography.

11.30am – Intro, ice breaker, Lynch’s early life
12pm Eraserhead, Art Cinema and Surrealism
12.30pm The Elephant Man, Dune and Auteur Theory
1pm – Postmodernism and ideology: Blue Velvet and Wild at Heart
1.45pm – LUNCH
2.35pm – Narrative and Duality: Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive
3.20pm Inland Empire: digital filmmaking; the "woman in trouble" narrative and feminist theory (including Mulholland Drive)
4pm – Twin Peaks Universe: surreal TV; controversy; metatextuality
4.50pm – Closing remarks, final questions / comments
5pm – END

This course will be delivered in person at Phoenix.


Price: £18

Tutor: Connor Winterton

Booking Information:
This one day course will run at Phoenix on Saturday 19 November 2022, 11.30am – 5pm.
You must be 18 or over to attend.

Cancellation Policy:
We do not offer refunds for cancellations of bookings, except in exceptional circumstances. In the event that an advertised course is withdrawn, we will endeavour to give 7 days’ notice and a full refund will be made.

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Dr Connor Winterton is course leader and lecturer in Media Studies at Loughborough College, and has previously worked as an Associate Lecturer in Media and Communications at Birmingham City University. Connor is also an active researcher, and their main expertise lies in representations of gender and sexuality in contemporary media. However, they have many interests in the fields of film and media, which range from auteur cinema to audiences and spectatorship.