Zombie Double Bill 18

Sat 27 May, 7.45pm | Tickets £12 (+60p admin fee for non-members)

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Duration: 240 mins

Certificate: 18

The Day of the Undead events were always a favourite at Phoenix, and for our Summer Festival we've persuaded Zombie Ed - the legendary founder of Zombie Day, to come out of retirement and host a double bill!

Mystery Classic Zombie Film

In the great tradition of Mystery Film night at Phoenix, no-one will know what we're screaming screening until the film begins, but expect a beloved Zombie classic.

Hellsground (2007)

We follow with "Pakistan's first splatter film!" the gloriously unhinged Hell's Ground. When a group of teens skip school for a rock concert, their van breaks down in the woods and they soon find themselves attacked by zombies, mad old ladies and a mace-wielding maniac!

Expect gore, laughs, and giveaways on the night - dress up is hugely encouraged!