Casta: Origins of Caste – World Premiere 18

Sat 7 Oct, 7pm | Pay What You Can

Pay What You Can

£0 - £10

Director: Opal22

Year: 2023

Duration: 90 mins

Certificate: 18

Opal22’s world premiere of Casta: The Origins of Caste examines the enduring legacy of Casta, one of the world's earliest forms of pictorial human classification.

Discover the 150 year journey to provenance, and how these five newly rediscovered paintings encourage us to reckon with class and classification in contemporary society.

From curiosities used for restoration training, to being heralded as some of the oldest existent works of this genre by art historian Ilona Katzew. Follow the world’s most eminent professionals and historians as they uncover the hidden histories of Casta.

This screening will be followed by a Q&A with Tara Munroe.

Presented by Opal22 Arts and Edutainment in partnership with Phoenix.

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