Lesson in Murder TBC

Thu 9 Feb, 7.45pm





Senior Citizen


U25 & Students


Disabled or Unwaged


Director: Kazuya Shiraishi

Cast: Sadao Abe, Shimako Iwai, Takanori Iwata

Year: 2022

Duration: 128 mins

Certificate: TBC

This suspenseful psychodrama follows university student Masaya, whose monotonous life is given a terrifying jolt by an unexpected letter from convicted serial killer Haimura, who admits guilt for eight murders but insists he didn’t commit the ninth.

Masaya realises he encountered Haimura while still at school, and begins to investigate the crime, delving deep into the killer’s mind.

Screening as part of the Japan Foundation Touring Programme.

NOTE: Films without BBFC certification can only be screened to over 18s. This does not necessarily mean the films contain adult content.