Sensei, Would You Sit Beside Me? TBC

Mon 20 Feb, 8.15pm





Senior Citizen


U25 & Students


Disabled or Unwaged


Director: Takahiro Horie

Cast: Tasuku Emoto, Jun Fubuki, Nao Honda

Year: 2021

Duration: 119 mins

Certificate: TBC

Sawako and husband Toshio are both manga writers, but Toshio has writer’s block. Suspecting him of having an affair, Sawako decides to write a new manga about adultery.

When Toshio sees her work, he realises that his wife must know about his infidelity… but he suspects she is being less than faithful herself!

And so begins a psychological game of cat and mouse.

Screening as part of Japan Foundation Touring Programme.

NOTE: Films without BBFC certification can only be screened to over 18s. This does not necessarily mean the films contain adult content.