Joyride 15

Fri 5 – Thu 18 Aug

"★★★★ – Olivia Colman is simply extraordinary" – The Times

"Another powerhouse performance from Olivia Colman" – Empire

Faced with a new-born baby and the shadow of her own neglected upbringing, Joy (Olivia Colman) decides that motherhood isn't right for her. Mully's problem on the other hand is his wayward father and his criminal pursuits.

Having run off with a pile of his father's money, Mully commandeers a taxi, not realising that is already has a couple of passengers – a hungover Joy and her baby.

United in their plans to escape the lives they’re so unhappy with, Joy and Mully go on the run. Travelling across the country, making their way past border patrols and revelling in living life in the moment, the troubles they leave at home seem far behind them.

A rip-roaring adventure fuelled by the need to reclaim one’s sense of self and resolve the trauma of the past.

Dir: Emer Reynolds

Cast: Olivia Colman, Charlie Reid

Ireland 2022, 94mins

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